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Related post: Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 10:23:27 EDT From: Subject: sexy virgin photo Rick and the Twins-Part IIThere may have been some confusion in the first installment and I plan to clear it up here. If you read Part fucked virgin I and enjoyed it, I'm glad. I figured that you would so, what the hell, I decided to dive right in and write Part II. You would not be reading this if yow weren't in to it so there will be no disclaimers. So just sit back, unzip and relax because here it cums!As I stated at the end of Part I, Rick was awakened from his reverie by the sound of the secretary's voice. He got up and went to the door as Mr. Johnson tpg virgins sex pics greeted. He was truly a hot looking guy who could not be more than in his early thirties. He dismissed his secretary. He extended his hand to Rick who shook it and said that it was a pleasure to meet him. "You can call me Lynn, Rick, my given name. After all, I'm not that much older than you are!" Mr. Johnson laughed. When Rick explained that Mr. germany virgin porn Drew had called him Lynn, he had assumed that it was his last name. "Well to be honest, as a guy, I wasn't too thrilled to be called Lynn, but my dad was a Brit and he insisted on it virgins girls defloration as it had been his dad's name. But passwords teen virgin little through the years I've sort of grown used to it!"As previously stated, Lynn was one helluva of a male specimen. He had to be at least six foot tall and a solid two hundred pounds, wavy blond hair and blue eyes.. virgin defloration free pictures He was the kind of guy that Rick often thought about when he wasn't thinking about his cousin Mike. The two of them had become inseparable through out high school getting together whenever they could. The sex was always fantastic. Mike knew how to push all the right buttons when it came pleasing Rick and Rick did the same in return for him. When Mike won a scholarship to a nude virgin kids nude college on teens adolescent hot virgin the west coast, it was with great reluctance that they said their goodbyes. Because he loved Mike so, he told him, no he insisted that Mike seek out experiences with other guys. It would be impossible for them to stay celibate during their horny teen years and neither expected that of the other.With an aching, Rick vividly remembered the last time they had been together. It was the week before they were to go to college and they decided to take a two day camping ukraina virgins trip. They paced their sleeping bags xxx little virgins xxx and a tent and set out in Rick's parents SUV. It was a two hour trip and when they got to the campgrounds they were hot and sweaty. . They set up their tent and went swimming in the nearby lake. The water xxx pass virgin ilegal was quite refreshing and they stayed in 13 virgin porn for a few hours horsing around. Around six, they used the propane grill they had brought mini girls virgin to cook burgers and beans. They had both turned eighteen and downed a six pack of beer. By the time the sun went down they were feeling no pain. Fortunately, they got a site that was in a private area with no other campers within a few hundred feet. After taking long pisses to empty their bladders, the cousins entered the tent and stripped down to their briefs. Rick felt playful and he pushed his cousin down on his back and climbed atop him and began to grind his hardening crotch into his Mikes'. Both boys were growing increasingly hard and increasingly horny! Boldly. Rick got up and stripped his briefs all the while pulling off Mike's. russian virgins free pics With that, Rick leaned over and engulfed his cousin's rod in his throat. "Oh shit, Ricky! That feels so fucking great! You have the best mouth going But I would love you to stick your tongue in another place." Mike said. With that, he flipped himself over and spread his deliciously appealing ass cheeks. "Eat my hot hole, cuz. Stick your talented tongue in there and lick me for all your worth!" Mike moaned. With that, Rick complied. He had done this before for Mike but always as a prelude for Mike to eat his own crack and them screwing him silly. fucking children virgin Little did Rick know that Mike had other plans. virgin russia sex elite virgin kiddy Rick dove in tongue first and used his talented tongue to drive his cousin crazy. He licked at the puckered hole which appeared so tiny to him and sensed how he good he was making Mike feel. "Open me up with your tongue, cuz, get my boy pussy nice and juicy. I wanna feel your cousin cock inside of me!" Ricky could not believe that Mike was asking him video 13 yo virgin to fuck him. It was something that they had done less than five times over the past few years. Rick actually enjoyed bottoming for his hunky cousin virgin teenz top list and usually shot a heavy load while being butt screwed. But somehow, right now, it virgine girls felt exciting and his throbbing illegal teen virgin sex boner was proof of that. He reached over to the bag he had brought and grabbed teen virgin girls nudes the tube of lube he'd brought. Squeezing it on him he felt how cold it was but knew it would warm up the instant he entered that enticing hole rusian virgin nude that he was staring down into. He held his throbbing rod downward as he climbed atop Mike's butt cheeks. Pushing forward gently and pressed his cock head against the tiny hole. Mike gasped as he felt that hard member pushing into him. Ricky's senses were heightened from the beer real fuck virgin and the excitement japanese nude virgins of what he was now doing. As he broke through the barrier, he entered the almost virgin territory. Then, with a gasp, he felt his entire rod slide elite teen virgin in as he buried himself deep inside his cousin's nether region. It was an unbelievable feeling and he felt his passion rising rather quickly. He knew he would not be able to last long. "Fuck me Ricky, I want to remember what you feel like inside of me, cuz!" Mike was moaning loudly now. This spurred Rick on as he bag a slow, steady thrusting into that enticing hole. Mike felt his own rod oozing beneath him as his cousin powered himself inside him. boating british virgin islands Ricky knew russian virgin girls he was almost there and he knew he had to go for it. As Mike had done so many times over the past two years to him, Rick planted himself balls deep inside his cousin and exploded, sending his hot load deep into that aching hole. His cock continually throbbed as every ounce of spunk was drained from him.Over those two days, the cousin's fucked and sucked until their balls ached. Mike must have dumped at least four loads inside of Rick and when they got home they hugged and kissed in Rick's basement as both boys sobbed. They vowed to get together over the Christmas holidays but alas it was not meant to happen. Mike could not get home because of financial reasons. Then, right before spring break, Mike called him crying. He had gotten a girl pregnant and his parents were forcing them to marry. It happened when he had gotten drunk one night and she had practically raped him. Rick was truly upset, but finally accepted what had happened and vowed to move on with his life. It was now nearly a year later. The truth free russian virgin porn was, Rick had not had sex with anyone else since Mike and he last got together. He had done a lot of jacking off and was grateful this past year when he had gotten a solo dorm room.Following Lynn into his pics of virgin top big office, Mike could not help but notice he the man's well -defined globes that hugged his slacks. "Have a seat, Rick and relax and angel little virgins pussy call me Lynn." Lynn said smiling. Rick could not stop himself from staring at Lynn. He also could not take his eyes off the picture of the two angelic boys on his desk. "So I heard good things about you from Mr. Drew. From what he's told me, I think that you would be perfect for this job." Lynn stated. "Excuse me Lynn, but, if you don't mind me saying, the twins seem a bit old to need a nanny." Rick said nude virgins kid meekly."You're probably right, but I actually have an ulterior motive. I will be perfectly blunt with you. My boys are at that age where boys virgin teen nudes want to explore their sexuality. They have been photos real virgins home schooled these past years and I plan to send them to the most prestigious all boy's boarding school for high school. It is a few hours away from here and they will be living there. It's your job to erotic teens angels virgins make sure that they're ready for this experience. I know that you are majoring in psychology and I also know that you are gay. I need to know if my boys have any inclinations that way and if so, they need to know how to deal with them. And that's where you come in. I need you to gain their trust and and really get close to them. This isn't something that I would be comfortable doing and I will be traveling a lot over the next two months. Do you think that this is something you can do virgin porn litle for me?" Lynn asked questioningly.Rick did not know what to make of all this. It sounded as if this guy was asking him to find out if his sons were gay no matter what he had to do to find out. It virgin girls naked photo also sounded as if he was to use any means possible including having sex with them. He was also nude virgin free videos getting a distinct vibe from Lynn but he naked virgin pussy was afraid to just come out and ask this man if he, too, was gay."I'll answer the questions that you are probably afraid to ask me. I'm thirty three years old and I'm gay. My boys were born when I was eighteen. It was my first time having sex with a girl and I needed to know whether I was truly gay. I managed tiny virgins portal to get hard for her and must have cum a minute after getting inside of her. She swore she was on the pill but told me a month later that she was pregnant. She did not want any part of the baby and my parents were wealthy sexy virgin galleries and offered to take the baby in and raise it as their own. Turns out we had twins and she signed over all parental rights to me. My parents cared for the boys while I pictures little boy virgins finished college and graduate school. My dad took ill and turned over his business to me and they moved out to Arizona. I had plenty of money to hire a nanny's for the boys and have them home schooled while I worked like a dog. I was bankruptcy court virgin islands gay with very little sex life. I did have a few lovers over the years but no one in virgin nubile sex the past year. I'm sorry I'm being so open with you but indian virgins xxx I wanted you to know the whole story. I hope that you will say yes and do what I ask!" Lynn said almost pleadingly.Rick was amazed how this man's story sounded similar to Mike's. While this man was wealthy and could take of his kids, his cousin had to quit school and get a job to support his wife and child. But in reality, Lynn sounded very depressed and unhappy. Yet Rick found himself attracted to this man. He did not know if it was his hot looks, body or just his overall demeanor that Rick found attracted but he suddenly had the urge to make love to Lynn. "I have an answer to your question,"Rick said ,as he stood up. Boldly, he leaned over and he kissed Lynn full on the lips going for broke. The older man responded in kind and grabbed the boy and pulled him closer in to his hard body. "Let's get more comfortable Rick." Lynn said breathlessly. He stood up and unbuttoned shirt revealing his well-defined chest and perfectly flat abs. He seemed to be doing a striptease for Rick as he slowly unzipped and lowered his pants. There was no mistaking the huge bulge protruding from his pouched and Rick guessed that Lynn was packing a whopper. Rick got on his knees and pulled down the briefs dirty russian virgin gallery as the older man's hard on hit him in the face. Rick could not believe how big and thick Lynn's rod was; it had to be a good ten inches long. Rick extended his tongue and licked the big gob of pre-cum from the slit. Lynn moaned as he felt the younger man's hot tongue working his cock for all he was worth. sexy virgins nude Rick wanted to please the older man immensely as he slowly took in ever inch of the thick cock into his throat until the pubic hairs were pressed into his face. "Oh my god, Rick! cp virgins No one has ever taken all of my dick inside their mouth! It feels so fucking intense. With enthusiasm, Rick began to piston his mouth up and down on Lynn's boner as he felt it grow ever impossibly larger under his free virgin women ministrations. Lynn knew that he would not last long. He had not cum in days and did not know if the younger man could handle his load. 16 y.o virgin gallery It was now or never as Lynn thrust his rod deep into Rick and unloaded, Rick gulped as rivulets of cum were splashing down his throat and he fought to swallow every delicious drop."Wow, Rick that was unbelievable! You know that you didn't have to do that to get the job. I knew that you were hired the moment I saw rusian virgin pussy you. I have every confidence that you and my sons will get along great. In fact, to show my gratitude let me do something for you!" Lynn said. With that the older man unbutton Rick's pants and pulled them down. The twenty year old's seven inch rod was straining for it's own release. With a blow job .skill equal to his blessed virgin clothesline painting own, Lynn took Rick in his mouth and gave him on of the most intense blow jobs he'd thai virgin ever had. Rick felt the semen bubbling in lilitas virgins paradise his testicles and he knew he could not last facts kids west virginia very long. He reached out and held onto Lynn's head as he began to rock back and forth as his passion overcame it. "Aw, Lynn, I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna blow my load down your throat. Can you feel it, can you feel my cock exploding! Here I fucking cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick yelled as his nectar spewed forth and filled the older man's mouth. Lynn did not release Rick's receding appendage until he had drained every last drop of his precious nectar. He rose to his feet and grabbed the younger man in a big hug as their lips locked, their semen joining in each others' mouth. Finally, they broke their lip lock/ "Let's go home so you can meet the boys!" Lynn exclaimed as the two got dressed.Rick Meets the TwinsRick followed Lynn back to the house or should I say estate. It was a huge home. They were greeted at the door by a woman Lynn introduced as Ella his housekeeper. She was married to a man named Sam who was the caretaker of the estate. They lived in an apartment above the garage and appeared to be in their early sixties. Ella was extremely warm to Rick nude virgin cute and had been told that he was russian virgins naked here to look after the boys. She, for her part, was greatly relieved as she had raised three daughters of her own and while she loved the twins, it was time they had another younger male 3d virgin porn influence around. She had not been fond of the tutor that Lynn had hired this past year for the boys as he appeared quite effeminate to her and was relieved that they would be going away to boarding school in the fall."Boys come down here. There's someone I want you to meet." Lynn called out. A minute later, the twins came bounding down the stairs. Instantly, Rick knew where they got their good locks both resembled their dad. Jason was the taller one, nearly six feet tall and Liam was shorter by four inches. Both boys had good builds on them. "Boy. this is Rick the boy I spoke to you about. He's going to be spending the summer here with us, 'er I mean with Free virgin sex you. He'll sort of keep an eye on things while I'm at work and traveling. Think of him as an older brother of sorts. "Lynn said smiling. "That's cool dad, we always wanted an older brother. Will be sleeping with us?" Jason said innocently. "No of course, not. He'll stay in donna smith chincoteague virgina the room next to yours so he'll share your bathroom with him. I hope you don't mind boys?" Lynn said meaning all three of them. "Of course not, Lynn. "Rick said. "I don't mind if Jason and Liam don't." 'Well now that that's settled, boys, why don't you help carry Rick's stuff upstairs while I finish packing for my trip." Lynn asked.When all his things were in his room and unpacked, Lynn came in to see Rick. "Thanks for this afternoon, it was really great. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Don't forget about what we discussed regarding my boys. It's important I know about their sexuality. I made sure american bald eagle virginia you had all the conveniences including this state of the art computer. Rick, it's also a web cam. I want you to have complete access to the boys at all times, day or night. It can regard or you can watch them live. Do not feel at all embarrassed about this. As minors, I can do this and I want you to do what you think is best. I virgin of girls know that I can put my boys in your hands."Lynn said. With that, he hugged Rick and told him that he'd call tomorrow night. They want downstairs where the boys were waiting. "Give your pops a hug boys. I'll see you next weekend and we can spend lots of time together. Meanwhile I want you to listen to Rick and don't cause him any grief. He knows how to reach me if necessary." Jason and Liam hugged their dad and all three watched virgin nude pictures as he closed the door. The three ate the dinner that Ella had prepared and chitchatted as Rick tried to dove on virgin mary get the boys open up to him. It appeared as if they did not have very many friends, relying on each other for companionship. After dinner they watched a movie and it was nearly ten o'clock. Rick was really tired and he told adult free virgin the boys that they could hang out in their room if they wanted but he needed to get to sleep.As Rick undressed, he thought about his encounter with Lynn 13 virgins sex and what was expected of him. He knew that he had to gain the twins' trust, but did not think it could happen by spying on them. On the other hand, he might be able to find out what they thought of him and what their true inclinations were. So before he got into bed, he virgin real petite turned on the computer. Jason was sitting at his computer and Liam was getting undressed. Rick watched the shorter teen remove his little virgins outdoor porno shorts and was truly impressed by the bulge that accented his pouch. He lay back on his bed and Rick continued to watch with interest as the fifteen year nude little virgin girls old began to rub his crotch area. Then, he turned up the volume. "Jeez, Liam. I'm beat! Why don't you come to bed so I can turn off the light!"Jason said impatiently. "Give me a sec, bro' I'm beat as well. But I real virgin xxx gotta, you know, get teen virginity my rocks off before I go to sleep!" Rick could make out the boy's hand rubbing his own crotch and he became intrigued as to what was about to happen. "You know, I'm here for you Li, I'll help you any way I can !" Jason said."This was gonna get interesting", Rick thought to himself as he felt the familiar stirring in his own loins as he watched the 22 inch monitor. Liam got up and virgin girl gallery teasingly stripped off his shorts. He walked over to his brother's bed and pressed his crotch into his brother's face. Jason extended thai virgin pics his tongue and used it to lick the growing bulge all over. Liam took hold of his brother's head and pushed it closer into his crotch. "I can take so much of your teasing, bro! I gotta, you know, have you work your magic on me!" Liam moaned. Rick was now totally engrossed in what he was watching as he took out his erect rod and began stroking it avidly. He continued watching as Jason pulled down his briefs exposing a throbbing cock that had to be a good eight inches long. With a skill that may have come from years of practice, Jason took in eagerly every throbbing inch of his twin's little virgin sex pictures boner. Liam gently took hold of his brother's head and began to gently face fuck him, obviously enthralled with what was happening. "Jas, you are the best! You know how to make me feel so good! I can't believe how hot your mouth feels on my virginia sex offenders registry rod! " Liam continued moaning.Rick was so turned on by watching the hot blow job that he almost didn't notice that Jason had removed his asin virgins own rod from his shorts. That monster had to be as big, if not top virgins porn bigger than his dad's and probably thicker around. He watched as the teen jacked himself off in tempo to the way he was sucking on his twin's dick. Rick could see Liam's ass cheeks clenching as he drew closer to the inevitable. "Aw shit, virgins photos for sex Jas, you're gonna do it, man! I'm gonna crack my nut! little virgins parent directory Gonna cute teen virgin sex shoot my hot load deep into your throat. Are virgin nudity outdoor free you ready for me? I'm nearly there! Gonna shoot my thick low right NOW!!!!!" Liam ukrainian angel virgin teen groaned as rape the virgin he thrust deep and began shooting his hot teen load into his brother's throat. illegal little russian virgins Rick was mesmerized as he felt his own orgasm fast approaching. Finally, after what seemed like an hour but was more like two minutes, Liam withdrew from his brother, top virgin tgp his now half hard cock still dripping."It's your turn Jas. how would you like to get off?" Liam asked. Rick could only imagine what Jason wanted. Would he stick that big boner up his brother's butt or would the taller twin administer an equally amazing blow job? Rick continued watching, wavering at the brink of his own explosion as Jason grabbed a towel and motioned his brother to lay down on his back. He grabbed some lotion and began to grease up his immenseness. Rick could not even imagine what it would feel like to take such a giant tool up a butt, yet his own teen virgin sex movies ass hole was tingling at the possibility. Part of him wanted to burst in their and join the twins but utter restraint held him back. Rick watched as the smaller twin rubbed his huge boner against the puckered hole that was his brother's chute. "Aw, Liam, can I put it inside of you tonight. I really want to screw you in you ass buddy, Can I, huh?" Jason moaned. Rick could not believe what he might be seeing these two hotties do!"Damn, Jas, how many times have I told you that there ain't no way I'm gonna let you split me in two with that thing! As bad as you want to, I just can't let you do it. But I will let you rub off between my legs. I love it when you massage me balls with your fat rod. Come on bro', get between my legs and pump away!" Liam groaned. And that's erotic stories virginity anal just what his twin did. He lay down naked virgin teens atop Liam and slid his thickness between his brother's clenched thighs. Then he began a slow up and down motion with his hips as he tremendous cock slid back and forth rubbing against Liam's balls. "Oh virgin teens russian Jas', your dick feels so good rubbing against my balls! You're making me little virgins gallery hard again! As he watched the smaller twin's bubble butt pussy virgin preeteen rising and falling Rick could also see that, indeed, the other twin's cock had gone erect again and he was eagerly stroking it. "You like my big, fat cock sliding between your legs. Oh how I wish I was fucking you with it. Long, hard, deep strokes of flesh piercing into you. Maybe some day you'll let me do it!" virgin sex tgp Jason said breathlessly as his pumping grew more frantic. "I'll let you screw my hot, tight butt!" Rick virgins movies thought as he pounded away at his throbbing boner on the verge of cumming, 'That's it Jas' blow your load. But not between my legs, I want you to shoot your spunk all over my russian virgins top 100 face! Will you do it for me, huh?" Liam begged and his brother complied.Rick watched as Jason pulled out and climbed onto his brother's belly. His virgin extreme sex rape huge rod was glistening as illegal virgin pussy he wildly pumped at it. "Damn, Li, I'm gonna do it. I can't hold back any longer. gonna shoot loose it man, here it fucking cummmmmsssssss! he shouted as jet after jet of teen spunk exploded from virgin porn under sixteen his cock slit and covered his twin's face. That did it for Rick as he blew porn teen virgin his own load all over himself as well. He continued to watch as Liam's rod erupted as well sending streams of juice all over his brother's back.Rick turned off the computer and headed to bed. The next few days should prove quite interesting!Hope you're enjoying this saga. There is virgin girls nude pics more to cum if you want to hear it. Please let me know if I should continue...I love your cumments!
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